Dogtanian movie: what’s happening to the theme tune?

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Exclusive: a few more details on the upcoming movie of Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds, that’s heading to cinemas in 2021.

As you may have heard, the much-loved children’s television series Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds is heading to the movies, with a big screen outing due in 2021.


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The movie will debut in Spain in January, and the company behind it – Apolo Films – has confirmed that it’ll be getting a cinema release in the UK as well. As such, it’s now being reported that sales company Charades has been hired to work on its non-Spanish release. Details of who’s picked up the rights are expected shortly.

In the meantime, in the new issue of Film Stories magazine, we’ve got an exclusive eight-page behind the scenes look at the new movie, as well as the first details on the upcoming Around The World With Willy Fog feature.

As part of that feature, we went for one of the big questions: just what’s happening with the iconic theme tune to Dogtanian? Well, Toni Garcia, director of the Dogtanian & The Three Muskehounds movie has confirmed to us firstly that it’s definitely returning. What’s more, the production values of said tune are about to be substantially improved.

“The music for the TV show was basically done with just a few instruments”, Garcia told me. As such, they went back to Guido and Maurizio de Angeles, responsible for the music to the original TV show. Now in their 80s, they eagerly accepted the invitation to work on the film, and have penned new songs for the movie.

But the theme tune is pretty much unchanged, save for “now we have a huge orchestra … now we have an extremely big cast with many, many voices singing”. I’ve heard a taste of the theme tune from the movie is as a die-hard Dogtanian fan, it’s goosebump good.

Garcia does caution that one line from the song has changed. There’s a line near the end of the original theme tune where they sing ‘they drink their beer and swear’, and that’s had to go. “The only change I did from the famous song was taking out a part of the lyrics. Just one sentence that talks about drinking alcohol”.

Who knew, apparently, that’s not something that can sit in a modern day family feature!?

Other than that – and another line is simply duplicated in its place – the theme tune remains firmly in place. Plus, we’re promised that over the end credits, a karaoke version of it will play…

A lot more on the film in the new Film Stories magazine. And also, don’t forget you can pick up the original TV series here.

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