DreamWorks to release a complete edition of its films – with two fewer movies than last time

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The latest collection of DreamWorks animated movies covering its entire history appears to have dropped two movies from last year’s set.

Well, this is a little odd. Popping up on the release lists for this November if a 40 film set of movies from DreamWorks Animation, going right back to the start of the studio in 1998.

The description for the set reads “Over 25 years of passion, pride and making the dream work. And this is just the beginning…With this 40 Film Classic Collection you can celebrate the studio which brought you the Shrek saga, the unforgettable How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar trilogies while also reliving the nostalgia of Shark Tale and Over the Hedge. And that’s just a handful of what’s included”.

What’s included then are films as wide and varied as Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, Monsters Vs Aliens, Rise Of The Guardians, the Shrek movies, Antz and Over The Hedge. Looking a bit closer though – and you can find the listing here – this isn’t the comprehensive set it may appear on the surface.

DreamWorks Movie Collection 2022


It’s still a pretty decent deal – £160 for 40 movies on Blu-ray, all in posh packaging. But it’s only a year since DreamWorks released another set of its movies. Thing is, last time, there were two more films in it.

The DreamWorks Ultimate Film Collection was released in 2021, and that had, er, 42 movies in it.

DreamWorks Movie Collection 2021

Putting the lists of films side by side, and the two omissions from this year’s set appear to be Chicken Run and The Boss Baby: Family Business. No idea whatsoever why the latter would be dropped, but I can’t help wondering if the omission of the superb Chicken Run is down to the upcoming sequel, and the fact that its UK release went through a different distributor.

Maybe Netflix has bought the UK rights as part of the deal that got it the Chicken Run follow-up? No definitive answer to that, and I’m just guessing. But it’s missing from last year’s (more expensive) set. You can find the listing for that here.

Is this a new trend, I wonder? Will subsequent annual DreamWorks sets each lose two movies apiece? Probably not, although I’d be fascinated which would be the next to go. But still, it’s an interesting anomaly.

Both sets are available to order now.

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