Edgar Wright’s new film to shoot this summer, details revealed

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Edgar Wright is to make a film about central London next – and he’s penned a script for Baby Driver 2 as well.

The new issue of Empire magazine goes on sale at the end of this week, and within its pages – and there are lots of pages – is an extensive tribute to the work of filmmaker Edgar Wright. A tribute I recommend you get hold of a copy to read. And not just because I have a vested interest in people buying magazines!

He does drop some news as part of the feature too, that has now made its way online. And that’s that he’s zeroed in on just what his next film will be.

Chatting to Empire, he revealed that he wants to make a film about central London, “specifically Soho”, and that his new film will be a movie “about the London I’ve existed in”. It’ll thus be a psychological horror film set in the UK capital, and Wright has already cited films such as Repulson and Don’t Look Now as touchpoints.

He’s penned the script with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, and casting is underway on the unnamed new project that’s on the lookout for its female lead actor.

Wright also confirmed that he’s penned a first draft of Baby Driver 2, but that’s in the queue at the minute.

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