Film Stories: an update on our current situation

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Here’s our we’re going to be trying to keep Film Stories going in its many forms in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown.

At the point this post is being written, Film Stories Junior magazine issue 3 has been on sale for a week or two, and Film Stories monthly issue 15 has started shipping. Understandably, the world’s interest isn’t necessarily in the movies at the moment, and first and foremost, please stay safe and look after yourselves. That’s absolute priority one.

I want to give an update on where things are with the Film Stories project, though. And I’ll start with the magazines. It’s been a bit, er, ‘testing’….!


Sadly, as you might expect, sales across our titles have collapsed in the last two weeks. Given that we’re entirely independent, that puts an enormous strain on things. We’ve no intention of giving up, it’s not one of those posts. But also, it makes sense to keep the just-published issue 15 on sale for longer than planned. That we’ll slowly be working on issue 16, but that’ll arrive when things have cleared a little.

This won’t affect subscribers, short of the fact that the next issue is a bit further away. And I’ll post regular updates here.

It does affect those of you pitching to the next issue: I can’t say for certain whether it’ll be next month, or a month or two later. But I won’t be commissioning anything for the monthly magazine for the next few weeks, until things clear a bit. Don’t let that stop you sending in pitches to pitches at filmstories co uk. Just you may need to bear with me a lot more than usual!

Please be assured: subscriber money is safe, everybody is getting paid who should be getting paid. I just want to make sure that losses in the current climate are mitigated.


You may have noticed that the amount of material on this very website has gone up over the past week or two, as the world lives in some degree of lockdown. This is deliberate. I want to give you as much as possible to read, and if you could spread the word, I’d be hugely obliged.

Again, Film Stories relies on word of mouth. It’s not a charity, though, so if you think it’s all rubbish, don’t worry. But if you like what we’re doing, with a feature-driven clickbait-free website, then every bit of support helps.

We part-fund the website and podcast via Patreon, too, if you have a few spare coins. But again, no obligation at all.


It lands once or twice a month, and has film stories in it, on top of me trying to plug the magazine and stuff. You can sign up for it here.


Film Stories Junior issue 4 is currently scheduled for the end of May, and it makes sense we press ahead with that, in part because it’s less reliant on brand new releases. I’m also conscious that lots of youngsters are driving their parents and guardians mad at the moment, and having an outlet to write about film might be useful!

I’m trying to get a bunch of film writers, directors and actors for interview in the next issue too. If you’re under 15 and interested in writing, then get you or your parent/guardian to email Send over your ideas, and let’s see what we can do.


And then there’s this. If it looks like I’m not going to be doing the regular monthly magazine for the next few weeks, I’ll be channelling energies into a special one-shot version of the publication. You can read more about that here.


You probably guessed, but these are on hold for now. I’m looking into live streaming one or two Film Stories things, but that’s very much in early stages at the moment.


Finally, the part of the Film Stories jigsaw that started it all. The podcast continues every Monday, and to help independent filmmakers and UK podcasts needing an extra push at the moment, I’m adding two free ad slots, 20 seconds each, to each episode. Drop me a mail – simon at filmstories co uk – if you’re interested. Nothing mucky, mind.

Hopefully all that makes sense, and obviously situations are evolving.

You all stay safe x

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