Film Stories issue 11 (November/December 2019): full details, and order your copy here

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Believe it or not, we’re approaching the first birthday of Film Stories magazine, and the 11th is shipping from early next week. As always, it’s your support that keeps us going, and we think this issue in particular is a pretty eclectic mix of film mayhem that you’re not going to get anywhere else!

Just to explain the date anomaly by the way: we’re still monthly, but the first issue was on sale for seven weeks, so eventually we were going to have to jump a month in labeling an issue. As such, issue 10 is the October issue, and issue 11 is technically the December one. But they’re still monthly. Er, that should clear that up a treat.

You can mail order the issue now (you’ll find a bunch of shop links magically appearing here), and this month, we’re going into even more WHSmith stores around the country, as well as the BFI shop at London Southbank.

Here are the buy buttons (and there’s a reduced price double pack if you want the new Film Stories Junior issue 2 as well).

Here’s the new cover…

* The story of Last Christmas, how it came together quickly, its test screenings, and the other thus-far unpublished George Michael songs

* The 2000AD movies that never were: tracking down the films based on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic that didn’t make it to the screen – and why.

* The cinema of David Essex: a celebration

* When movie stars come to Britain for pantomime

* The great space race: the movie production studios cropping up around the UK (that aren’t in London)

* The life and times of dogs in the movies

* The film school hiding in your DVD collection

* What’s happened to all the DVD shops?

And much, much more!

Thanks for all your support. And we hope you like the issue!

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