Film Stories issue 2: full details, and order your copy now!

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Greetings, and a very warm welcome to 2019! As promised, our humble film magazine is going monthly from, well, this very month, and we’re delighted to share with you the cover of issue two, that’s now available to order. You can order your individual copy of Britain’s newest mainstream film magazine right here > SUBTLE ORDER LINK.

(Was that link subtle enough?)

Here, then, is the cover…

Inside the issue? Oh heck, so, so much…

  • A bumper interview with Mark Kermode, where he takes us through the journey that brought Secrets Of Cinema to the screen
  • Lots of romcoms! Tons of romcoms!
  • Remember when Tombstone went head to head with Wyatt Earp? We do. And the story of Tombstone is pretty incredible.
  • Romesh! Debbie! Hope! Our ace columnists!
  • Films for kids that weren’t supposed to be scary, but were actually very scary.
  • We make it five writers making their paid writing debut, too. Proud of that.
  • As HMV teeters, we look at the decline in physical media – can the disc be saved?

And there’s loads more. Honestly! Tons of it!

It helps us enormously in this scary world of independent magazine publishing if you buy a copy. You can’t buy Film Stories in shops, because the cost of getting it in shops is a lot. But you can subscribe, as loads of you already have! If you want, HERE IS THE SUBTLE LINK TO SUBSCRIBE.

Issue two is shipping now. Hope you like it!

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