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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie takes centre-stage in the new issue of Film Stories magazine – more here.

Running a little bit later than planned, due to our tiny team having what could politely be described as ‘a bit of a few weeks’, we’re proud to introduce the new issue of Film Stories magazine. It’s not shipping until the end of next week, but hopefully you’ll think it’s been worth the wait!

The magazine is primarily mail order, although it goes into a few WHSmiths stores around the UK. Here’s the cover of the new issue, nd then we’ll tell you what’s in it…

And here’s what’s inside…

* Everybody’s Talking About Jamie! A huge exclusive look at the new movie of the musical. Including interviews with Max Harwood, Lauren Patel, Richard E Grant and Jonathan Butterell

* The amazing breakthrough British directors to keep an eye on

* Michael Smiley tells us about making indie films, his directorial debut, and sitting in a Portakabin

* Our Ladies! The six stars of the reunite for a lively chat about the movie

* September 11th: 20 years on, how Hollywood still struggles to respond to that tragic day

* David Bruckner tells us about getting The Night House made, and his career

* Gendercoding on the big screen: Bethany Black has a few thoughts

* Are we too worried about spoilers?

* Collecting film soundtracks: how things have changed…

* Is there really a shortage of big new releases?


Interviews with Marley Morrison, Cathy Brady, Berwyn Rowlands and Nuala O’Sullivan. And more indie filmmakers tell us their story of getting their films off the ground!

You can order the issue via the links that should magically appear underneath these words. Or click directly through to our store at

You can subscribe to the magazine here too.

Thank you so, so much for your support.

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