Film Stories issue 3: full details, and order your copy now!

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The new issue of Film Stories is currently being printed, and will be shipping from Monday 18th February. Pre-order now right here!


Well, as promised, Film Stories is now a monthly film magazine and issue three is now with us! Given that issue two has now sold out (yikes! Thank you), we’ve upped the print order for issue three, but obviously that makes us terrified. We’re an independent publisher and every single sale really counts for us. Hopefully, then, we can tempt you into buying the new magazine.


Here’s the front cover of the new issue, and we’ll tell you what’s inside it just below the following pretty picture…

A flavour of what’s inside, then:

  • The unlikely story of how Tooth Fairy led to The Rock backing a film about a family from Norwich. One that ended up with Stephen Merchant, who knew nothing about wrestling, directing a wrestling match.
  • How getting a serious diagnosis affects feelings towards movies
  • Celebrating the women who changed cinema, whose names aren’t always easy to find in the history books
  • The bizarre unofficial line in Nicolas Cage merchandise. Er, a bit odd, this one.
  • The 12A certificate, and the latest BBFC changes
  • The (nearly) forgotten films of Amblin. *batteries not included, anyone?
  • Talking of nearly forgotten films, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Blast From The Past
  • How the Hollywood comedy has sprung back to life, and the films leading the charge
  • Why is cinema such a sod to the town of Grimsby?
  • The directors who left Hollywood behind (and not always by choice)

Phew. We’ve tried to give you a fair amount there for your money. And heck, if we can tempt you to subscribe? Well, that’d be amazing. Discounts start from buying just three issues, and here’s another SUBTLE ORDER LINK that takes you direct to our subs page.

Thank you!

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