Film Stories Junior issue 3 (Easter 2020): order your copy here!

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The new issue of Film Stories Junior – the only print film magazine for young film fans and primarily written by them too – is available to order now.

Phew! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been furiously putting together the new issue of Film Stories Junior magazine, a publication we’re hugely proud of. It’s a 52-page jam-packed film magazine for young film fans, and primarily written by them too.

The new issue is now up for preorder for £3.99 including postage. By supporting the magazine, not only do you get what we think is a pretty special magazine, but you also allow us to keep offering opportunities to even more young writers. We should note that all of our young writers are paid – via gift vouchers that we purchase ourselves – for their work.

Here, then, is the cover of the new issue…

Here’s what’s inside it…

* Our young reporter interviews the young co-star of My Spy, Chloe Coleman
* More young reporters chat to the director of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie
* The Into Film Awards – celebrating lots of brilliant young filmmakers
* Is film production contributing to climate change?
* Do independent cinemas cater for young film fans?
* Just who or what is Superman?
* The joy of Star Wars – and seeing the film on opening night
* Books being made into films
* Why fantasy films matter
* The Future Film Festival
* How to become a young juror
* What does a director do on a film set?
* How to make an animated film

And buttons to order the magazine, and subscriptions too, should appear magically below. Thank you so much for your support. And thanks in particular to the young writers who have trusted us with their words.

Buy our Film Stories and Film Stories Junior print magazines here.

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