Girl Tuesday: new British romcom short needs your support

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Can you help bring a new British romantic comedy to life? Details here.

Dan Turner is a director with four films to his name already, who’s putting together a new romantic comedy short movie. And not only does he need your help, he’s offering help and support in return.

The film goes by the name of Girl Tuesday, and Turner is giving a bunch of young filmmakers their first break and screen credit as part of his production crew. One of the reasons he’s turning to crowdfunding to help finance the film is he wants to ensure that everybody gets paid: like us, he’s not one for having people working for ‘exposure’.

As for the film, the synopsis reads:

Girl Tuesday is the story of Severin, a very special lady who meets someone fleetingly in a cafe.  Severin doesn’t have the courage to act on her feelings and the moment passes, seemingly forever.

Night after night, Severin returns to the cafe at the exact same time, in the exact same place. Determined to recapture the moment, and hoping this mysterious person, who made her heart beat so hard, will return so she can tell her how she feels…

Here’s the video that Turner has put together about the project…

And here’s the link to give it some backing and support: right here.

We’ll be following the project with interest.


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