Gurinder Chadha is looking to make a superhero movie – and she’s after a collaborator

Gurinder Chadha
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With Blinded By The Light now in cinemas, director Gurinder Chadha is exploring a possible new superhero project.

We don’t cover too many superhero movies at Film Stories. Not through lack of appreciate for them, rather that they get an awful lot of publicity oxygen elsewhere. And of particular interest is a new British project that’s being developed by director Chadha.

Chadha’s new film, Blinded By The Light, is currently playing in cinemas around the world, and she’s having a little bit of a breathe out having completed it and her TV drama Beecham House over the past months. But she’s also juggling possible projects, and told the excellent Girls On Film podcast about her plans.

“I’m also working on a couple of scripts”, she told host Anna Smith. “One of them is a superhero movie that’ll have my stamp on it, as a female”.

She added that “it’s an idea I had as a origin story. I want to work with somebody who is really from that world. Superheroes, comic books. That’s not really my world”.

As such, “I do want to collaborate on another writer with that, so if anyone is listening and that’s their world, then please write to me”.

She gave her work email address as info at benditnetworks dot com.

Chadha warns that her standards are high, and that she does demand a three-act structure. “I will read scripts so long as people have written them according to Robert McKee. I feel that separates people who want to be scriptwriters to people who really know their stuff”.

Chadha also teased she has another musical project potentially in the works, around a big musical band “where some members don’t talk to each other”. Chadha has taken a meeting with one member of said band, but that’s all she’s giving away at the moment.

If you want to find out more about her plans, then you can find the Girls On Film podcast at If you’re interested in pitching her your ideas for the superhero movie, do take the time to hear what she has to say.

You can also read an extensive interview with Gurinder Chadha in issue 7 of Film Stories magazine. You can buy that here.


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