How To Have Sex | DVD and Blu-ray release confirmed for early 2024

Mia McKenna-Bruce as Tara in How To Have Sex.
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The acclaimed British film How To Have Sex is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in February 2024: more here.

We’re expecting a little bit of awards attention in the director of Molly Manning Walker’s superb debut feature, How To Have Sex (we described it as a ‘powerful feature debut’ in our glowing review).

Not just a breakthrough British filmmaking talent, but also an excellent and very down to earth film too, How To Have Sex is currently playing in UK cinemas, following successes at assorted film festivals. It’s not had a very wide release, but it is worth seeking out and catching on the big screen if you can.

If you can’t? Or if you like the film and want to see it again? Well, you’ve got a few months to wait until the physical media release rolls around. Mubi has put the film up for preorder now, and it’ll be releasing it on both DVD and Blu-ray, and presumably adding it to its streaming service as well.

No word on extra features at this point, though. We’d regard any that turn up as an additional treat, though you could regard our interview with director Molly Manning Walker as something of an extra feature – just one you have to read with your eyes rather than watch.

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One thing we do have is the synopsis for the film. It reads as follows:

Winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, HOW TO HAVE SEX is a vibrant and authentic depiction of the agonies, ecstasies and ride-or-die glory of young female friendship, from rising British filmmaker Molly Manning Walker.

Three British teenage girls go on a rites-of-passage holiday, drinking, clubbing and hooking up in what should be the best summer of their lives. As they dance their way across the sun-drenched streets of Malia, they find themselves navigating the complexities of sex, consent and self-discovery.

Captured with luminous visuals and a pitch-perfect soundtrack, Manning Walker’s directorial debut paints a painfully familiar portrait of young adulthood, and how first sexual experiences should – or shouldn’t – play out.

How To Have Sex will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from February 12th 2024, and you can find more information on the release – and order a copy – right here.

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