Introducing the Film Stories Podcast Network, with over 30 shows

Film Stories Podcast Network
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We’re thrilled to announce that over 30 new podcasts are joining the Film Stories family. More information right here.

Right at the infancy of Film Stories, nearly six years ago, it was an individual podcast that kicked things off. The Film Stories with Simon Brew podcast is now nearing its 400th episode, while Film Stories magazine has just made it to issue 50. Across live events, print magazines, videos and audio, it’s been the podcast that was the catalyst for it all.

Now, we’re excited to announce that podcasts are to become an even bigger part of the Film Stories family. The already-successful We Made This network of film and television podcasts is, going forward, now the Film Stories Podcast Network. And here’s the list of the programmes that are instantly adding hundreds of thousands of downloads a month to the Film Stories world…

8-Bit Back Issues (hosted by Geoff Owen)

Academy Watch: A Prestige Film Podcast (hosted by Bo Nicholson)

A Dream Given Form: A Babylon-5 Podcast (hosted by Baz Greenland and Luke Winch)

Ask Us About Loom (hosted by Matt Latham)

At the Movies in the 90s (hosted by AJ Black)

At the Pictures in Britain (hosted by AJ Black)

Between the Notes (hosted by Sean Wilson & AJ Black)

ChuckyVision: A Chucky Podcast (hosted by Mark Adams and Dev Elson)

Cinemortuary Podcast (hosted by Rob Yeomans, Chris Wilson and Dave Walker)

Den of Ten (hosted by Sam Stokes and Ed Gee)

Frame to Frame (hosted by Andy Williams and Sean Wilson)

Illumination Above All: A Severance Podcast (hosted by Ian Buckley and Sarah Applegate)

Japan on Film (hosted by Percival Constantine)

Make It So: A Star Trek Legacy Podcast (hosted by Kurt North, Baz Greenland and Geoff Owen)

MovieVersaries (hosted by Bo Nicholson)

No Book Club: A Yellowjackets Podcast (hosted by Matt Latham and Kurt North)

Observing the Pattern: A Fringe Podcast (hosted by Luke Winch)

One Rules Them All: A Lord of the Rings Podcast (hosted by Baz Greenland, Luke Winch and Sam Stokes)

Podcast-616: A Marvel Universe Podcast (hosted by Hugh McStay and Ashley Thomas)

Reel Talk: The Movie Show (hosted by Sam Stokes)

Shipwrecked and Comatose: A Red Dwarf Podcast (hosted by Mark Adams and Kurt North)

The Discourse (hosted by AJ Black and Carl Sweeney)

The Magic Box: A Lost Podcast (hosted by Kurt North)

The Movie Palace Podcast (hosted by Carl Sweeney)

The Rest of Us: The Last of Us Podcast (hosted by Andrew Brooker)

The TARDIS Crew: A Doctor Who Podcast (hosted by Baz and Ben Greenland)

The Time Is Now: A Millennium Podcast (hosted by Kurt North)

The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast (hosted by Carl Sweeney, Sarah Blair, Kurt North and AJ Black)

Vampire Videos (hosted by Dan Owen and Hugh McStay)

We Are Starfleet: A Star Trek Podcast (hosted by Mike Slamer, Ian Buckley, Ashley Thomas and Craig McKenzie)

You Have Been Watching: A British Sitcom Podcast (hosted by Rob Turnbull and Alex Lynch)

A J Black continues to head up what’s now called the Film Stories Podcast Network, and we look forward to launching more shows in the months ahead too.

Become part of the podcast network community by joining our free Discord channel and connect with an array of podcasters, writers and movie loving listeners. Sign up here:

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