John Wick 5 | Writing is underway on new sequel

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Lionsgate confirms that – even though Keanu Reeves hasn’t said a definite yes yet – that writing is back underway on John Wick 5.

It’s not the hugest surprise in the world, but Lionsgate does appear to be putting its foot on the accelerator a little where a fifth John Wick film is concerned.

At its latest investor call, the boss of Lionsgate’s movie empire – a man called Joe Drake – confirmation has been forthcoming of assorted Wickworld (as nobody is calling it) projects.

John Wick: Chapter 5 first of all. There’s little sign that Keanu Reeves is in a rush to make a further film, with the noises after the fourth being that at the very least, a good chunk of time was going to be taken. Still, that’s not stopped Lionsgate getting a screenplay moving.

The writing was in its infancy just ahead of the Writers’ Guild Of America strike earlier this year. Once the strike began, pens were downed. Joe Drake has now confirmed that pens have indeed once again been picked up.

Given director Chad Stahelski is occupied with Highlander for the next couple of years, John Wick 5 looks like it’s going to have to take a place a little way back in the queue.

No matter, as Lionsgate isn’t going shy when it comes to spin-offs. Not only is the spin-off Ballerina film – starring Ana de Armas – now in post-production ahead of release next year, but there’s more seemingly on the way too. Drake, in his call to investors, declared that “On the Wick side we got multiple spin-offs and Wick Five.”

A casual throwaway comment? Unlikely on an investor call, but whether the new spin-offs are aimed for television or cinema remains to be seen.  We might have to wait a while to find out.

What we do know is that a John Wick anime series also on the way, revealed by Chad Stahelski last week. That’s separate from the other John Wick projects that we’ve seen thus far, and seemingly won’t necessarily link to them.

But back to John Wick 5. The earliest we can see that moving is the back end of 2025, and that’s assuming Stahelski wants to direct it himself, as he’s likely to do. Don’t expect much more info for the time being…

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