Jordan Peele’s next film is delayed

Jordan Peele directing Get Out
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Christmas 2024 is already a little less merry with the news that Jordan Peele’s next film won’t be appearing around then as planned.

All three of Jordan Peele’s films as director so far have walked that tricky tightrope of being both thought-provoking and crowd-pleasing.

You might have your own personal favourite, but all three of his creations (Get Out, Us and Nope) have landed with audiences and critics alike. While Peele has produced reimagined takes on horror classics such as Nia DaCosta’s Candyman (and the planned remake of The People Under The Stairs), his directorial projects so far have been original stories – and we’re hoping that the next one will be too.

It’s looking like – per World of Reel – we’re going to be waiting longer for that next film than was originally intended, however.

Back in March of this year, we learned that Universal had dated Peele’s next film as a Christmas 2024 release. Not long after, a writers’ strike would follow, then an actors’ strike, and those six months of shutdown have resulted in Peele’s next project being delayed. Several other films are suffering the same fate, as you likely already know.

This, of course, is simply the universe karmically correcting itself because just a couple of weeks ago we learned that Peele would be collaborating with videogame auteur Hideo Kojima on some kind of gaming project. Naturally, the universe has to balance that kind of wonderful news out, and so that exciting announcement has been tempered with this rather disappointing report. Sometimes, cosmic equilibrium can be a real downer.

We know next to nothing about Peele’s next film as that’s the way he likes to operate. As of right now, we don’t even know when it’s shooting or when it might release. That said, it’s a fair bet that we’re not going to be seeing it until 2025.

When we do hear more though, you can be sure we’ll let you know. We’re good like that.

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