Justice League: Zack Snyder teases his cut is pushing four hours at least

The Justice League
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The extended version of Justice League that Zack Snyder is putting together will be, well, very extended by the sounds of it.

You probably know the story to date: that the movie Justice League was hacked about in post-production, with Joss Whedon taking over as director for significant reshoots and the final cut of the film. Warner Bros mandated that the movie needed to come in at two hours, which it did. The final cut, er, let’s charitably go with ‘wasn’t much cop’.

Since then, a movement has grown to pressure Warner Bros into letting original director Zack Snyder assemble his own cut of the film, and it’s proven successful. The studio has written Snyder an eight-figure cheque to put ‘The Snyder Cut’ of Justice League together, and it’ll debut on the HBO Max service next year.

Snyder, though, is set to tease elements of it at the virtual San Diego Comic Con that’s taking place this week. And in a new interview to partly set that up, he’s been chatting about the running time of the film’s new version. Turns out it’s not going to be short.

Chatting to Beyond The Trailer, he said that “”I have famously teased the runtime at… 214 minutes”. Turns out that was on the cautious side. “Now in its current state, it’s going to end up being longer than that yet”, he said.

It’s worth noting that Snyder isn’t doing any fresh photography for the movie, and thus the ingredients for this new cut were in the can when the original version was released, albeit with fresh special effects work underway. Snyder added that it was “exciting to be bringing all this new material to the fans – they get to see all these crazy and awesome new sequences, and I think that’s going to be really exciting for everyone”.

More news as we get it. Gotta be honest: the idea of four hours of Zack Snyder’s Justice League feels a little on the bold side at the moment…

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