Kick-Ass | Matthew Vaughn’s film will be the third part of a new trilogy

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Matthew Vaughn confirms his new Kick-Ass film is still coming – and it sounds like it’ll be part three of a new trilogy of films.

Nearly 15 years since he first brought us the film Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn is continuing to promise that a reboot of the films is on the way.

Vaughn is currently promoting his new movie Argylle, and has thus been talking to a bunch of outlets – not us, sadly – about the film. And the subject of his previously-mooted Kick-Ass reboot has come up. He sounds quite happy to talk about it, too, confirming to Collider that he’s about half-way through penning the screenplay at the moment.

He does tease some details about the approach that’s been taken. “It’s gonna be a cliché coming out of this head of mine”, he admits, as he says “it is a very, very meta universe”.

He explains further. “It is what, you know, Kick-Ass was reinventing and creating an R-rated superhero and no one was really doing it. This is taking the whole concept to a worthy… not even a sequel, because I think it’s just a whole new way of doing Kick-Ass, which couldn’t be more Kick-Ass”.

Nope, we don’t quite understand that either.

Vaughn adds too that the new Kick-Ass film will be part of a fresh trilogy of films, the first of which is called School Fight. That’s in post-production, having been directed by Damien Walters. Another movie called Vram – the title of that is likely to change – will sit next, and then presumably Vaughn himself will direct the new Kick-Ass. The plan is to get the film in front of cameras in 2025.

It’ll be the first Kick-Ass movie since 2013’s Kick-Ass 2 fell a bit flat. That time, Vaughn handed over the director’s chair to Jeff Wadlow, but the response to the film was not on the strong side.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about whatever Kick-Ass 3 ends up being called…

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