Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes | Final trailer lands

kingdom of the planet of the apes
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A final trailer arrives to build anticipation ahead of Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes' UK release on 9th May.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes is just eight days from release here in the UK. Because of last year’s strikes, blockbuster movies are a thinner on the ground this summer. That means we’re all hoping that this movie can not only live up to the quality of the excellent trilogy that preceded it, but also do great business theatrically to ease the burden on cinemas until normal service is resumed in the blockbuster pipeline.

The previous trilogy that 20th Century Fox brought us between 2011 and 2017 was a series of remakes/reimagingings/whatever term we’re going for that felt fresh and crucially, maintained a high level of quality throughout the entirety of the three film series. That means that years on, there’s still an appetite for more stories in the Apes world and director Wes Ball will hopefully be able to deliver another film in this vein.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes, is set to release on 9th May and will pick up the threads from the previous three films, taking place years after 2017’s climactic War For The Planet Of The Apes.

Ball, director of The Maze Runner, takes the reins for this installment, in which the evolutionary tables have most definitely turned. ‘Numerous ape societies that have grown from when Caesar (the apes’ legendary leader) delivered the apes to their promised land whilst humans have been reduced to a feral-like existence.’

According to the synopsis, ‘In this setting, one ape leader begins to enslave other groups in an effort to find leftover human technology. At the same time another ape, who watched his clan be taken, embarks on a journey to find freedom with a young human woman becoming key to his quest. She has plans of her own though.

It’s a fascinating setup and offers another inventive direction for the long-running series. The cast features William H Macy, Owen Teague, Freya Allan, Peter Macon, Eka Darville, Dichen Lachman and Kevin Durand. Here’s that trailer for the film ahead of its imminent release.

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