Lego Dune set announced, features the most sinister minifigure ever

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Lego has announced a new Dune set, featuring the winged Ornithopter from the film and a frankly incredible Baron Harkonnen minifigure…

Be still, our quaking wallets. Lego has just announced a new set based on Dune – specifically, the version of Frank Herbert’s novel brought to the screen by director Denis Villeneuve.

Item number 10327 in Lego’s long, long line of sets is the Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter – a block-based replica of the insectoid craft first seen in 2021’s Dune: Part One. The attention to detail on the model is quite something: the wings flap and fold backwards, there’s deployable landing gear, and you can open the cockpit to put a minifigure inside.

Speaking of minifigures, the set comes with eight of them: Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Gurney Halleck, Chani, Leto Atreides, Liet Kynes, Duncan Idaho, and – best of all – Baron Harkonnen. With his unfeasibly long robe, the Lego Baron floats eerily on a clear plastic stand, mimicking the unforgettable scene in which Stellan Skarsgard’s take on Vladimir Harkonnen rises from his sci-fi sofa like some kind of spectral frankfurter.

The spookiest minifigure yet conceived? We’d certainly say so. I mean, just look at him:

dune lego

There’s Baron Harkonnen over on the right there. Majestic. Terrifying. Credit: Lego.

According to Lego’s website, the Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter will begin shipping from 1st February 2024 – sadly too late to be considered as a Christmas gift, but still ahead of the annoyingly delayed Dune: Part Two, which is out in cinemas on 15th March next year.

Here’s hoping that Lego Dune make more sets like this. Not just because they look rather good in their own right, but also because it’s inevitable that someone, somewhere, will recreate the whole of Villeneuve’s Dune saga out of little plastic models and figures. We can’t wait.

In the meantime, here’s a lifestyle shot of what the Ornithopter would look like in an incredibly upscale domestic setting. Truly aspirational.

Credit: Lego.

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