Lena Headey stars in The Flood: release details here

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Lena Headey and Ivanno Jeremiah headline The Flood, that’s arriving in UK cinemas next month.


Curzon has confirmed the UK release of The Flood, a new film starring Lena Headey, Iain Glen, Ivanno Jeremiah and Arsher Ali. It tells the story of a hardened immigration officer, player by Headey, who has a skill for quickly and coldly rejecting applicants. But then a high-profile asylum case lands on her desk, and she’s got to get to the bottom of whether Haile – played by Ivanno Jeremiah – is telling the truth about their application, or if more sinister reasons lie beneath it.

The movie is set in the UK and France, and is directed by Anthony Woodley. He’s working from a script by Helen Kingston

The film is based on a ‘multiple’ true stories, and great strides have been made by the filmmakers to accurately reflect the asylum process.

It’s earmarked for UK release in cinemas and on demand from Friday June 21st, and there’s a special screening event planned for June 17th, although what that event is and details of it haven’t been released. More as we hear it.

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