Midnight Sons | rumour suggests it could be a new MCU project

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Composer turned director Michael Giacchino is said to be in line to helm an MCU take on one of Marvel Comics’ supernatural teams, Midnight Sons.

Here’s one fresh from the rumour mill: reports are suggesting that Marvel Studios is putting a new team-up project together featuring some of its supernatural characters, based on the Midnight Sons series of comic books.

According to the report, Midnight Sons is ‘a team of supernatural superheroes that includes Blade, Morbius and at least two versions of Ghost Rider. Other members have included Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Wong and many more.’

Lots of those characters currently exist in some sort of MCU continuity, so the top brass at Marvel would have no problem putting together a roster. Blade, Wong, Doctor Strange and Moon Knight seem like the safest picks given that they have (or in Blade’s case, will) have appeared in the MCU proper. Given that both Morbius and Iron Fist have appeared in ‘MCU-adjacent’ projects (and were received pretty negatively), it’s doubtful that those characters would make the cut.

There’s more to the story too.

Apparently, Michael Giacchino is being lined up to direct the project. The hugely-acclaimed composer has tried his hand at directing before, and for Marvel Studios. Giacchino helmed the 2022 Disney+ special Werewolf By Night, which featured characters who’ve also been part of the Midnight Sons group in Marvel Comics continuity.

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Whether there’s anything to this remains to be seen. What we do know is that this film would likely be some way off as the MCU isn’t set to introduce Blade until 2025 (or possibly even 2026) and it’s hard to see this project taking shape without that character as a key element.

Comicbook.com is reporting that the leaks suggesting Giacchino’s involvement have sprung from multiple sources, which might suggest that there’s some truth to them.

At this moment though, it’s impossible to tell, but a Midnight Sons project does seem like an attractive proposition for Marvel Studios. Team-up movies tend to be an easy sell to audiences and a Midnight Sons project allows the studio to build some Avengers-style vibes for characters that wouldn’t fit stylistically in the MCU’s premier super-team.

If and when we hear more, we’ll let you know. Until that point though, stash this one firmly away in the rumour department.

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