More details slowly start to come through about Christopher Nolan’s next film

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Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki become the latest recruits for Christopher Nolan’s next movie.


Things we already knew about Christopher Nolan’s next film? Well, not too much. As per usual, Nolan has been playing his cards close to his chest. Thus, we know that it has a July 17th 2020 release date, and that Warner Bros is releasing the film.

More recently, the cast has started to come together too. We learned yesterday that John David Washington was to take one of the lead roles in the movie. Now, it’s been revealed that Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki are also joining the ensemble. The word is too that the film is a big action blockbuster, although no plot details are known as of yet.

We do know that filming will be underway later this year, with Emma Thomas producing the movie. Furthermore, there’s still apparently at least one more lead role in the movie to cast.

The script is said to be completed, and more news on the movie is expected soon.


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