Neill Blomkamp making another movie with aliens, not District 10

Neill Blomkamp
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Neill Blomkamp has toyed with Alien 5 and District 10 in the past – but is making They Found Us instead.

Neill Blomkamp has a long and interesting history with movies about aliens. There was the Halo movie he was working on that never got off the ground. Then, that sort of morphed into his debut feature, District 9 a tale of alien/human segregation which has since become a true classic in the science fiction genre. District 10 is supposed to be on the way at some point but Blomkamp also had a long and not entirely happy association with the Alien franchise, with his take on Alien 5 eventually being passed over in favour of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.

It’s now been announced that Blomkamp will be returning to the genre again with They Found Us, an alien abduction thriller set to star Suicide Squad's Joel Kinnamon. Blomkamp is once again partnering with AGC Studios, who backed his 2021 supernatural thriller, Demonic. 

We do have a synopsis which goes like this:

Kinnamon plays ‘a father who, along with his daughter, head off on a camping trip in the Utah wilderness to heal their broken relationship. Suddenly, they find themselves being attacked by a hostile extra-terrestrial life-form, putting their lives, not just their relationship, at stake. Together, they must fight with the humanoid beast to stop their abduction to an unknown and terrifying alien world.’

The project is reportedly set to shoot later this year which tallies with the most recent reports we’ve heard about District 10 taking its time to get in front of cameras. The star and co-writer of that project, Sharlto Copley, mentioned a while back that Blomkamp had based the film on current socio-political ideas and wanted to put a little distance between them and the movie, meaning that he was in no rush to push District 10 into production.

We imagine he’ll be wrapping things up on the Sony racing movie Gran Turismo – which is due to release in August – before getting onto this one in earnest. As we hear more, you can be sure we’ll let you know.


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