Netflix wants to add BBFC certificates across its entire UK service

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Netflix teams up with the BBFC to introduce more classifications across its service.


A new partnership between the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and streaming giant Netflix is set to bring with it far more age-rating certificates across the service.

Currently. Netflix has no requirement to submit its material to the BBFC for classification, but does so across just over half of its films and TV shows. The aim now is for every piece of Netflix – I’m loathed to use the word content, so will repeat the word material – material that it offers on its streaming service will have BBFC-backed age ratings on it.

In turn, the BBFC is set to monitor that its classifications are being properly applied. The BBFC ratings will appears in the details tab at the start of Netflix TV shows, and for films, a certificate will pop up at the start.

It’s interesting that Netflix doesn’t have direct jurisdiction over as many streaming material as you may think. Expect that to change over the coming years though, and perhaps Netflix’s move is a pre-emptive step.


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