New Norfolk horror film heads to Amazon

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The Black Shuck is available to stream now, having been filmed in and around East Anglia.


A new horror short has gone live on Amazon’s Prime Video service, after coming to life via crowdfunding last year.

The Black Shuck tells the story of, well, the Black Shuck, an East Anglian folklore figure. The ghost story has been put together by Norwich filmmaker Josh Trett, who shot the movie last year. He recruited Holby City’s Rebecca Grant to lead the movie, as a woman who has lost her child, and keeps finding herself haunted by the mysterious Black Shuck.

As per a report at the Eastern Daily Press, Josh Trett managed to get a phone call with Johnny English Reborn director David Kerr for tips on directing.

The film runs for 12 minutes in all, and was shot in and around East Anglia. Here’s the trailer…

You can find it on Amazon, here.





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