New trailer lands for Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall

Roland Emmerich's Moonfall
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Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall will soon be here, and in the meantime you can check out the new teaser trailer. 

Well, this is exciting. Moonfall is an upcoming big-budget, independent science-fiction film that we’ve been looking forwards to for a while, not least because it will be directed by Roland Emmerich, helmer of films like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow.  And also not least because it sounds absolutely nuts.

The film’s action will centre around our moon ‘being knocked out of orbit and into a collision course with Earth by a mysterious force. As a hurriedly-assembled group of scientists prepare to land on the lunar surface to avert global disaster, Sutherland – the gatekeeper of NASA’s deepest secrets – has to face the decision whether to let the world know about what really happened during humanity’s only previous mission to the moon.’

Yep, Donald Sutherland will be back explaining things in the film. Good good.

Whilst the idea itself, along with the cast, sounds intriguing, what’s equally impressive is that the production was able to raise serious money for an independent project, given the current state of the world over the last couple of years.

Halle Berry, John Bradley, Patrick Wilson, Kelly Yu, Donald Sutherland, Michael Pena, and Charlie Plummer star in the film which Emmerich co-wrote with Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen. The film is set to debut on February 4th, 2022 in the US and UK. Here is that trailer. You watch that, while we go and book our tickets…

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