Paw Patrol 3 is happening, won’t be called The Search For Spock

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As Paw Patrol 2 arrives in cinemas, Paramount confirms that a trilogy is about to be made, with Paw Patrol 3 already cooking.

Like many parents, I’ve sat through more episodes of the animated kids show Paw Patrol than I’d particularly care to talk about. No matter how many times I explained to my youngest that what we were watching was effectively shit Thunderbirds with dogs, he remained determined to press on.

It could have been worse, I reconciled. It could have been In The Night Garden.

However, some of my words were duly eaten when we toddled along to the first Paw Patrol movie a couple of years ago. Expecting what could politely be called ‘not very much’, I was genuinely taken aback at what I saw: a really fun, surprisingly sly adventure, that actually had – yes! – something for the kids, and something for those of us dragged along.

I liked it a lot. I wrote about it here.

This very weekend, the second film comes out. My youngest is a bit too old, and I want to see it. We now potentially have the reverse situation to the above. Heaven knows therefore what the plan will be when the now-announced third movie rolls into town.

It’s been announced overnight that Paw Patrol 3 will indeed be happening, and there’s going to be consistency with the creative team. Specifically that Cal Brunker, who directed the first two films, is coming back to complete the trilogy.

Now I think we can discount potential subtitles as Paw Patrol 3: The Search For Spock or Paw Patrol 3: Tokyo Drift, but as Paramount hasn’t officially confirmed the title for the third film, they’re both still in play to a degree.

The expected release date for the third movie will be somewhere in 2026. I can’t say I’ll be there to see it. I can’t say I don’t want to be, though.

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