Pedro Almódovar to publish semi-autobiographical story collection (contains vampires)

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Pedro Almódovar has written a book, described as a “fragmentary autobiography”. It includes a love story between Jesus and Barabbas and a sad vampire.

If you’re looking for the inside scoop on how Pedro Almódovar made Bad Education, Pain & Glory or Strange Way Of Life, you might have to keep waiting. The Spanish director has a new book coming out later this year, and it absolutely, equivocally, demonstrably isn’t an autobiography. Sort of.

The Last Dream brings together twelve unpublished stories from Almodóvar’s personal archive, written between the late sixties and the present day, some of which contain elements of his own life.

The stories include: a love story between Jesus and Barabbas; a cult film director out in search of painkillers on a bank holiday weekend; the primary version of the film Bad Education; a gothic tale of a repentant vampire among monks and a touching chronicle of the death of the director’s mother.

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In his introduction, Almodóvar writes: “I’ve been asked to write my autobiography more than once, and I’ve always refused; it’s also been suggested that I let someone else write my biography, but I have always felt somewhat resistant to the idea of a book entirely about me as an individual. I’ve never kept a diary, and whenever I’ve tried, I’ve never made it to page two; in a sense, then, this book represents something of a paradox. It might be best described as a fragmentary autobiography, incomplete and a little cryptic.”

The Last Dream is available to pre-order now.

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