Precognition: trailer for British sci-fi movie

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A new British sci-fi film is heading our way – and we’ve got the trailer and details here.


From writer/director Luke Tedder, along with co-producers Ben Probert and Shane Keen, comes a new sci-fi movie by the name of Precognition.

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The movie did a few festivals last year, and is heading to Amazon Prime Video shortly. And ahead of that, there’s a trailer and synopsis for the film. It stars, incidentally, Adam Bernard, Vanessa Russell, Jessica Andrews and Gareth Lawrence, amongst many others. And the trailer looks like this…

Precognition Trailer – Sci-Fi Feature Film from Luke on Vimeo.

Furthermore, here’s the synopsis…

In the near future, a man experiences terrifying visions of a past he can’t remember. His partner, who secretly works for a company that manipulates memory, attempts to uncover the mysteries surrounding them.

If you don’t want to wait for the Amazon Prime debut, you can currently watch the movie in full – and legally – on YouTube. And you can do that here.

More on the film at the Landa Pictures website.


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