Star Trek | Quentin Tarantino’s writers’ room was ‘passionate’ and ‘random’

Star Trek The Motion Picture
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One of the minds in the writers’ room has been reflecting on the experience of combining Star Trek and Quentin Tarantino.

Although it never happened, Quentin Tarantino’s  Star Trek film project continues to generate interest. The potential of Tarantino’s wild storytelling instincts coupled with the expansive Trek universe created quite the buzz around 2017, although the Pulp Fiction filmmaker would ultimately walk away from the project when he decided that his next film would also be his last. And, moreover, it wouldn’t be Star Trek.

Given that Tarantino likes to talk about projects, we may learn more at some point about what he had in mind (the most we’ve heard is that it would’ve featured Chris Pine and the rest of the 2009 reboot’s cast, and took in an Earth-based gangster plot along the lines of the Original Series episode, A Piece Of The Action). Until then, though, writer, director and producer Lindsey Anderson Beer has popped up to offer her thoughts on the experience – she was one of the scribes hired to be in the writers’ room with Tarantino to try to work some ideas into a story.

She’s talked a little about the process – and guess what? It sounds exactly the way you’d imagine it to go if Tarantino was free to dream up stories in a universe as laden with possibilities as Star Trek is:

“We got in there and [Tarantino] started with ‘so what are your guys’ ideas for a movie?’ and I think I went first. So he listened to us patiently and just kind of nodded his head, and then he took out his notebook and started talking for 20 minutes with lines of dialogue and passionate ideas that he’d already written. It wasn’t really a story yet; they were just random thoughts he had on a movie, but it was so passionate and so wonderful. And I laughed to myself and thought, ‘well, why didn’t we start with that?”

Tarantino is instead working on The Movie Critic for his final film. When the actors’ strike eventually ends, we expect that project to go into production pretty quickly. As for Tarantino’s Star Trek film? It’ll likely never happen now, but will remain as one of those incredible ‘what if?’ projects for years to come.

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