Ready Or Not 2 | A script has been written, and it’s a ‘banger’ says Radio Silence

Samara Weaving in Ready Or Not
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Filmmaking collective Radio Silence says a script for Ready Or Not 2 has been written, and that it’s “an absolute f—ing banger.”

Confirming an earlier rumour that a sequel to 2019’s Ready Or Not is in development, the filmmakers collectively known as Radio Silence have said that a script has already been written. They also add that the screenplay is rather good – or a “an absolute f—ing banger of a sequel,” to quote one of them directly.

We’re guessing the censored bit was ‘flaming’ or perhaps ‘flipping’.

“It’s getting figured out,” co-director Tyler Gillett told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the sequel’s status. “That’s what we’ll say: Ready Or Not 2 is getting figured out. What we can say is that there is a script that is an absolute [flipping] banger of a sequel. And however it gets made, and in whatever capacity we are helping get it made, we are so excited that it’s happening. That movie is truly the love of our creative lives in a lot of ways.”

Radio Silence – which comprises directors Gillett and Matt Bettelini-Olpin, plus producer Chad Villella – scored a door-opening hit with Ready Or Not, which told the story of a young woman named Alex (Samara Weaving) who muddles through a somewhat fraught wedding day. The comedy horror wasn’t made with a sequel in mind, but Gillett says that they came up with a worthwhile story during a trip to Las Vegas.

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“I don’t think we knew after making it that there would be so much story left to tell,” Gillett said. “We’re so proud of what that first movie is, we’re so proud of what the sequel is. We’re just really excited, and fingers crossed that it gets made.”

In the meantime, Radio Silence have finished work on the vampire horror Abigail – our review will be up soon – and are said to be joining forces with Andy Samberg to make some sort of ‘robot comedy’. Directing duties on Ready Or Not 2, if it happens, will therefore be handled by Adam Robitel, who previously made Insidious: The Last Key and Escape Room.

Radio Silence co-director Bettinelli-Opin has also confirmed that Samara Weaving will indeed return, though (“…with [Fox] Searchlight and Samara, they’re not gonna let it down,” he said), which is undoubtedly good news.

More on Ready Or Not 2′s progress as we get it.

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