Ryan Gosling forms production company, signs with Amazon MGM

Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man
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News emerges that Gosling has launched his own production company, sparking interest in the kind of projects that the Barbie star will be looking to make.

Ryan Gosling has launched General Admission, his own production company. The star is riding high right now with Barbie's success last year cementing his status as a beloved Hollywood celebrity and high-ranking movie star. Gosling also has the big-budget action comedy, The Fall Guy coming next month. That film, directed by Atomic Blonde's David Leitch and co-starring Emily Blunt, has certainly geared its marketing campaign to trade on Gosling’s rising popularity in the wake of Barbie's success.

While there are those out there that might miss the actor opting for less mainstream roles as he used to do, there’s no arguing that Gosling has successfully navigated his career to new heights of fame and opportunity. In Hollywood parlance, he has the ‘juice’ at the moment and looks to be leveraging that momentum to carve out an even bigger space for himself as a major Hollywood player.

We’ve all seen the success and respect that Gosling’s Barbie co-star, Margot Robbie has deservedly earned by carefully developing projects via her LuckyChap Entertainment banner. Since founding the production company in 2014, Robbie has developed roles that have advanced her own career such as 2017’s I, Tonya and Barbie, while also shepherding other films into being that have really captured the public’s imagination such as Promising Young Woman, Saltburn and the soon to release My Old Ass.

We’ve seen other Hollywood stars use production companies in the past to boost their profile and opportunities, not to mention their bank balances. Both Reese Witherspoon and Brad Pitt made a tidy sum out of selling their respective production companies, and it all goes to proves that if a star treats their production banner as a serious entity (rather than little more than a ‘vanity shingle’), the opportunity is there to improve every aspect of their career.

We imagine that this is the blueprint that Gosling will be looking to follow, and his company is certainly off to a good start. Deadline reports that the actor has co-founded General Admission with former Apple Original Films executive Jessie Henderson, who’s worked on Apple productions such as Wolfs, Blitz and the upcoming (and as yet untitled) Brad Pitt Formula 1 film. Their company has also signed a first-look deal with Amazon MGM – not a bad move considering that the studio offers solid options when it comes to both theatrical and streaming releases.

As General Admission begins to announce projects, we’ll get a clearer idea of the direction the company is heading in. As with Robbie’s LuckyChap, he’s expected to star in some, but not all of the films that are put into development. We’ll let you know more on this one as we hear it.

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