Saltburn is coming to Prime Video on 22 December

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Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn will stream on Prime Video from 22 December, just in time for Christmas. 

Oscar-winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell’s sophomore film is coming to Prime Video on 22 December, in case you need something to watch with your family during the holidays. 

The film stars Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi and Rosamund Pike star in this deliciously trashy thriller that follows Keoghan’s Oliver Quick as he adjusts to life at Oxford University. He sets his eyes on Elordi’s Felix, who invites him to stay at his family’s lavish mansion, the titular Saltburn

Saltburn opened the BFI London Film Festival in October and has proved to be a rather polarising film. The film’s class politics especially have been the subject of fierce online arguments. Many  have felt that the film victimises the upper classes and it seems that Pike, who plays Felix’s mother Elspeth, agrees, at least to some extent. 

“I think you watch the film assuming that these people are going to hell immediately and then, we find that in many ways they’re the victims. But in other ways, everybody is using everybody. Emerald is able to hold two things in the palm of her hand,” she told GQ in a recent interview.

In our 4-star review, we had this to say about the film: “If you go looking for deeper meaning in the bowels of Saltburn, you’ll be sorely disappointed.” Make of that what you will. 

Barry Keoghan’s performance however has been almost universally acclaimed. Jacob Elordi, who also portrays Elvis in the upcoming Sofia Coppola has also received encouraging reviews for his turn as the aristocratic, mysteriously sexy Felix. 

Fennell’s film counts Barbie herself as a producer. Margot Robbie, who also produced Fennell’s first feature film Promising Young Woman, is also producing, as well as starring in, the planned prequel to the Ocean’s franchise. Fennell also popped up in the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie as the titular doll’s pregnant best friend Midge.

You can still catch Saltburn in cinemas, but it arrives on Prime Video 22 December. 

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