Star Trek | New film is finally heading to cinemas in 2025

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Paramount Pictures has finally unclogged the Star Trek franchise on the big screen – and a new film is landing in 2025.

Since 2016 and the release of Star Trek Beyond, it’s little secret that Paramount Pictures has been struggling to work out what to do with big screen Trek. While the franchise is thriving on the small screen, getting a new film going has proven taxing. Infamously, Quentin Tarantino was noodling with a possible project at one point, while director SJ Clarkson was hired at one stage too, before she went on to do Madame Web instead.

There’s been uncertainty as to whether the ‘Kelvin’ crew from the last three films would be back, and there’s been uncertainty over whether it’s all going to have a day-one reboot.

Now? We have an answer. Earlier this year there was the suggestion that Paramount was looking to do a Star Trek origin film. And whaddya know? That’s exactly what’s happening. What’s more, as per a Paramount announcement overnight, it looks like things are suddenly moving at pace. The idea is to have the film in cinemas next year as well. Out of nothing, it’s going at rocket speed. Actually, probably should have said warp speed. Bah.

Seth Grahame-Smith has been writing the script, which is said to be set decades before the 2009 film. That means we’re going to get a new cast, and it opens up a new path – sorry, course – for the franchise on the big screen.

Behind the camera? That’s going to be British filmmaker Toby Haynes (Doctor Who, Black Mirror, Andor), who’s set to direct. And while Paramount hasn’t given us a release date for the film, don’t be surprised if it sneaks the movie into cinemas at the back end of 2025.

More on the new Star Trek film as we hear it. By the sounds of it, casting announcements can’t be too far away.

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