Teen Titans forming at DC Studios

Teen Titans
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The new-look DC Universe is set to get a movie featuring one of comic books’ greatest supergroups: The Teen Titans.

Here’s a fun announcement for all of you comic book fans: The Teen Titans are getting their first ever live action movie, joining James Gunn and Peter Safran’s cinematic universe of DC Universe characters at Warner Bros.

We haven’t yet seen a film emerge from the duo’s reimagining of DC’s stable of comic book icons, but when announcing the first wave of projects last year, James Gunn confirmed that more films would be revealed in due course. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like a Teen Titans film will be one of them.

If you’re not familiar with the group, the Teen Titans consists of several young heroes who usually play the sidekick role to more senior characters.

Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad as well as Wonder Girl were all part of the original 1960s line-up as well as often loyally tagging along at the heels of their older superhero counterparts. Being teenagers, though, some adaptations of the group, such as 2018’s feature-length Teen Titans GO! To The Movies have really played into the fun side of being a kid with extraordinary abilities, a cool costume and a tricked-out clubhouse.

In the 1980s, George Perez’s seminal run on the comic book series made it the best-selling DC book up to that point, as he matured the characters and bought in plenty of teenage angst, not least by showing the strained relationships that can develop between sidekick and superhero. While we imagine some of this might make its way into a DCU version of the group, this is now James Gunn’s sandbox to play in, so we’re expecting (read: hoping) that this first live action take on the Titans really leans into the fun and mayhem in the way that the animated series and subsequent animated movie did.

Ana Nogueira is scripting the project, following her recent work on the upcoming Supergirl movie. The former playwright has already submitted her script for Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow and must have impressed Gunn and Safran as she is now in charge of bringing another major set of DC characters to the screen.

That’s all we know for sure as of now, but if you’re a Titans fan, let us know which members of the group you’d like to see make the cut for the movie in the comments below.

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