Tenet: someone has made a 3D model to try and explain the final scene

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The finale of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has led to a little bit of confusion – but a 3D deconstruction might help unlock it.

Huge spoilers lie ahead, as you might expect…


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It all seems so long ago that the internet was awash with people trying to puzzle out just what they’d seen with Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Tenet. The movie, which landed in cinemas last August, is arguably his most divisive, and at the heart of that is the struggle that many people had just trying to follow it.

Step forward then YouTuber Welby CoffeeSpill. Not withstanding the fact that spilling coffee is a very bad thing, they’ve taken the final big scene in the film and put together a 3D breakdown with their reading of it.

Obviously, there are huge spoilers here, so this isn’t something to click on if you haven’t seen Tenet. But if you have, and you remain baffled by its denouement, well maybe this’ll help…

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