Terry Gilliam casts Jeff Bridges as God, Johnny Depp as Satan

Terry Gilliam
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Terry Gilliam adds Johnny Depp and Jeff Bridges to the cast of The Carnival At The End Of Days. More on the story here.

It’s been 2018 since Terry Gilliam (finally) released his long-cherished film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, after a prolonged – and then some – time trying to get the thing off the ground. The story of that particular production has been well told, not least in part by the superb documentary Lost In La Mancha, and since then, Gilliam has directed a stage production of Into The Woods, and has been noodling his next film.

It’s increasingly looking like that film will be The Carnival At The End Of Days, which he’s been talking about for several months now. It’s a story that sees Satan off in search of new humans to put before God as a new Adam and Eve. Gilliam’s not been shy of upsetting people, and his new film sounds suitably provocative too.

He’s been talking about it to Premiere in France too (we miss the American magazine version), and has been busily casting the movie. As God, he’s confirmed that Jeff Bridges has been cast in the film, just not God as they tend to be seen. Gilliam has confirmed that he’s going to use some animation to help transform Bridges into the vision of God he’s putting forward.

On the flip side, Johnny Depp has been cast as Satan in the world, a Satan who is looking to get people to hell, to try and keep himself in work.

Adam Driver is also on board the movie as well, and the fresh addition to Gilliam’s ensemble is Jason Momoa. Where Driver and Momoa fit onto the call sheet for the film isn’t clear yet.

No word yet on when Terry Gilliam is planning to film The Carnival At The End Of Days, but with a cast in place and Momoa adding star wattage, sooner rather than later is fairly safe to assume.

More as we hear it.

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