The Daniels’ next film after Everything Everywhere All At Once is set for release in 2026

Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once
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Director duo the Daniels are making their next film at Universal, with their Untitled Event Film now scheduled for June 2026.

Having broken into the mainstream with the critical and financial success of 2022’s Everything Everywhere All At Once, director duo the Daniels have no doubt had a lot of offers for more work thrown at them.

In the wake of their hit sci-fi comedy mash-up, though, the filmmakers – known individually as Daniel Scheinart and Daniel Kwan – signed a first-look deal with Universal Pictures in August 2022.

It’s all been rather quiet since then, but now Variety reports that their next project has popped up on Universal’s release calendar – currently stuck with the placeholder ‘Untitled Event Film Directed by Daniels’, it’s scheduled for 12th June 2026.

What else is known about the project? At present, nada. Even Variety’s industry connections haven’t managed to uncover who’s likely to star in it or what it’s about.

If there’s one thing we can bank on, though, it’s that the Daniels will come out with something unconventional. Having spent several years directing music videos, the pair made their feature debut with Swiss Army Man, a surreal $3m indie comedy which starred Daniel Radcliffe (another Daniel!) as a flatulent corpse.

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In their work so far, the filmmakers have shown an uncanny ability to tap into the cultural zeitgeist; Swiss Army Man wasn’t a huge hit, but its style and subject gave it immediate cult status; their music video for Kwan’s Turn Down For What was a viral sensation; Everything Everywhere All At Once came out just as comic book franchises were tinkering with multiverses, and arguably explored the concept more satisfyingly than either Marvel or DC did.

Given that their project is described as an “event film”, and it’s getting a summer release slot, it sounds as though Universal’s willing to bet considerable money that the Daniels are about to make another major hit.

“Their films are remarkably theatrical,” said Universal Filmed Entertainment Group boss Donna Langley in 2022, “and with only two original projects under their belts, they’ve merely scratched the surface of what they are capable of as filmmakers. We’re grateful they’ve chosen to go on their journey with us.”

More as we get it.

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