The Executive: A Movie Industry Tycoon PC game demo lands

The Executive A Movie Industry Tycoon
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The Executive: A Movie Industry Tycoon is the latest PC game to attempt to be Football Manager for the movies. More details here.

We’ve covered before on this site the collection of computer and video games that attempt to let you run your own movie studio. It’s a sparse field in truth, and nobody’s fully managed to nail the idea of a Football Manager-style game for the movies. Some, as you can read here, have got rather close though.

Next to have a go is something from publisher Goblinz Publishing and developer Aniki Games by the name of The Executive: A Movie Industry Tycoon. In the first instance, this is going to be available to play on PC systems from what we can gleam, and a demo version of the game has gone live on the Steam platform. You can find that here.

Furthermore, a synopsis has been released, which reads as follows…

Shape the history of the Hollywood movie industry in this sandbox business simulation game. Create the movies you’ve always wanted to see, hire the best team, research cutting-edge technologies, and dominate the Box Office. Can you rise from a small studio to a Hollywood giant?

And there’s a trailer for the game too, which looks like this…

It’s taken two and a half years for Aniki Games co-founder and CEO Guillaume Ferrero, along with his brother, to bring The Executive: A Movie Industry Tycoon this far. It’s still in early version too, and so we don’t have a firm release date for it. Developed independently though, you’ll be able to track it as it progresses via Steam, and the developers are currently actively seeking feedback on the demo version of it that’s been made available.

Wishing them luck with this. Not just for being independents, but also for trying to crack something that many before them have got close to. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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