The Exorcism trailer | Russell Crowe is a man possessed

Russell Crowe in a brown curly wig for the new The Exorcism trailer
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Russell Crowe plays an actor playing an exorcist in the first look at his meta horror movie. Check out the The Exorcism trailer below…

Earlier this week, we noted with some surprise that Russell Crowe – who memorably played Father Gabriele Amorth in last year’s The Pope’s Exorcist – is set to don his priestly garb once again for a new horror movie.

At the time, The Exorcism (previously known as The Georgetown Project) was but a twinkle in the UK release calendar's eye. Despite being picked up for distribution by Vertigo in the US, a UK date was, and remains, somewhat elusive.

But that won’t stop us from getting unreasonably excited about the film’s first trailer. Check it out below…

While our frankly disturbing fondness for The Pope’s Exorcist means it’s a struggle to judge this objectively, this really does look rather intriguing. Diverting from the slightly cookie cutter formula the title implies, this time the would-be exorcist looks like the one in need of a good bath in some holy water.

In another twist, he’s not even a real exorcist. The Land Of Bad star plays Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who gets into a spot of bother while filming a supernatural horror film.

It all looks very meta – a Chloe Bailey’s character name-drops both The Exorcist and The Omen at one point, and Crowe can be seen flicking through a script covered in some very un-reassuring graffiti. It also throws up the intriguing possibility that ol’ Russell made the entire of The Pope’s Exorcist just to prepare for this. If so, we could be in for a real late-career Crowe highlight…

The Exorcism is arriving in US cinemas in June. We’re crossing our crucifixes that we’ll get a confirmed UK release date soon.

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