The Mummy | 1999 movie is heading back to UK cinemas this summer

The Mummy
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Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are back on the big screen together, as 1999’s The Mummy comes back to UK cinemas.

Given what a seismic year for cinema 1999 turned out to be – indeed, books have been written about it – it’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re getting a growing number of 25th anniversary celebrations.

Next up? That’d be The Mummy, the 1999 take on the Universal classic monster, that starred Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. It’s the best Indiana Jones film since Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade too, and while Stephen Sommer’s movie was followed by a couple of sequels, none came close to the fun of the 1999 film.

We now learn that the movie will be back in UK cinemas this coming July – on 5th July, as it happens – and it looks like it’s getting a relatively wide re-release too. Oftentimes, such re-releases are restricted to big cities, this one should make it a bit further.

The story of the film’s production, incidentally, has been the subject of a Film Stories podcast episode, that you can find here.

Here’s the trailer for the return of The Mummy to UK cinemas, meanwhile…

And we’ll leave you with the synopsis for the film, even though we suspect most of you know this backwards…

Swashbuckling Egyptian adventure. Brendan Fraser plays Rick O’Connell, an American who discovers Hamunaptra, the city of the dead. He is driven away by locals and arrested. Three years later, Englishman Jonathan (John Hannah) discovers an ancient artefact which he gives to his sister Evelyn (Rachel Weisz). In turn, she trades the artefact for Rick’s release from prison and the trio set off for Hamunaptra, hoping to arrive there before Beni (Kevin J. O’Connor), Rick’s crooked former associate. However Beni has already invoked a curse which frees Imhotep, a supernaturally-gifted mummy. He pursues the adventurers across the land, feeding upon the flesh of unfortunate explorers. He aims to sacrifice Evelyn, hoping to resurrect another evil mummy…

Expect tickets to go on sale shortly…

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