The Shrouds will be David Cronenberg’s most personal film, says star

David Cronenberg, whose next film is The Shrouds
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Diane Kruger has been taking about David Cronenberg’s next film, The Shrouds, ahead of its release some time next year. 

Next year will see the release of The Shrouds, the next film from David Cronenberg. The director of The Fly seems to have entered a reflective state of his career, with 2022’s Crimes Of The Future being seen by some as a self-reflexive piece of work created by an artist considering the relationship between creator and audience. That followed 2021’s more literal yet beautifully surreal The Death Of David Cronenberg where the filmmaker used the short film form to examine his own end.

Cronenberg is currently already in post-production on his next feature, The Shrouds, and while we don’t know too much about it, a synopsis has revealed that the story will follow ‘Karsh (Vincent Cassel), an innovative businessman and grieving widower who builds a device to connect with the dead inside a burial shroud. He builds a cemetery where visitors can watch the bodies of their loved ones decompose. He soon re-evaluates his invention when people begin to vandalise the graves, including that of his wife.’

Diane Kruger is also in the film and has been chatting about it at the Zurich Film Festival. Variety published her take on the project which she claims will continue Cronenberg’s journey of growing personal introspection.

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“We just finished filming it,” she confirmed. “I think it might be his most personal film, because it talks about him and the passing of his wife. I was very emotional making it, because I knew it was so close to him and he was a little bit detached because of it. I could feel him being so vulnerable. I hope it’s going to be great.”

The filmmaker’s second wife, film editor Carolyn Zeifman, passed away in 2017.

Guy Pearce, Diane Kruger, Sandrine Holt, Elizabeth Saunders, Jennifer Dale, Matt Willis, and Steve Switzman also co-star in The Shrouds which we imagine will make its debut next year.

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