There’s a Space Invaders movie on the way

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Space Invaders are (finally) making the jump to cinema.

The battle to make a hit and compelling movie out of a videogame has proven to be a taxing one. Some have done okay – Warcraft, Mortal Kombat, Detective Pikachu – but on the whole, the vast majority have struggled to varying degrees.

New Line Cinema reckons it has a plan, though. For it’s going back to one of the very earliest videogames, the 1978 coin-op Space Invaders. This one’s been bubbling around for a little while, and the rights were acquired back in 2014 by Warner Bros. It’s moved the project to its New Line subsidiary, where Greg Russo has now been picked to write the screenplay. Russo has penned the new Mortal Kombat movie, and has been working too on the reboot of the Resident Evil movie series.

There’s no word yet on when to expect the movie, or who will be directed it. Russo will have a fairly open run at the project story-wise, though. As long as there are some invaders from space, that’s pretty much the entirety of the core story.

More on this one as we hear it.

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