To independent filmmakers struggling to get their films noticed as film festivals get shut down

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Independent filmmakers who are finding opportunities to get their film noticed narrowing in current times, this post is for you.

Whilst much of the attention in the filmmaking world where Coronavirus is concerned has been on big blockbuster movies getting moved, away from the high profile glare of those projects are further struggles for independent filmmakers. That release slots later in the year are going to get clogged up, and that film festivals around the world that are the lifeblood for new independent films are being delayed or cancelled.

Basically, that the opportunities for indie filmmakers to get their movies noticed are narrowing.

We want to be part of the effort to do something about that.

As a consequence of our drive to find new film critics around the UK, we now have a list of talented people very keen to review and cover films. We’re thus going to be allocating a small amount of our genuinely meagre budget to extra independent film coverage over the coming month or two.

Thus: if you’re an independent filmmaker, and have a movie that you want to get reviewed/covered, send us details to screenings at filmstories co uk. If you’ve been due to attend festivals and now can’t, alert us to that too. We do tend to priorities UK filmmakers as we’re a UK outlet, but we will be relaxing that too.

We will also be using this opportunity to hopefully give more paid writing breaks to reviewers as well.

One note: we can’t promise to like/love your film, although hopefully we will. We can’t promise to cover everything. But we will try.

If you want to help us cover even more independent films, then there are a couple of things you can do. When you see us posting a trailer for an indie movie or a review, then please retweet/spread the word somehow.

Also, if you want to help us directly fund being able to cover more indie movies, perhaps drop a few coins into our Patreon here:

Please note: this isn’t us using the virus as a way to drive more money into the site. Genuinely, and we think we’ve got a good track record on this, we’ll be using those funds to pay more writers (the only person who doesn’t get paid for their work at Film Stories is me).

If editors of any other sites are interested too in joining us, drop me a note – @simonbrew on Twitter, DMs are open – and I’ll happily share details (with permission) of the films that are brought to our attention. Let’s see if between us we can give indie filmmakers a sort-of online film festival to help give oxygen to their movies.

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