Tom Hardy as James Bond rumours spark up again

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Could Tom Hardy be the man to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond? That’s certainly the argument of the latest rumour to spring up.

By now, Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure, No Time To Die, should have been on its way to DVD and Blu-ray release, following its planned cinema debut last spring. Instead, the plan is now to release the film in cinemas in November, although inevitably there are some question marks over whether that will or won’t happen. Given the continuing publicity campaign, it does look like it’s going ahead.

But that hasn’t ceased speculation over who’s going to take on the tuxedo when Craig retires as 007. And over the weekend, primarily off the back of a report at the site The Vulcan Reporter, the rumours sparked up again that Tom Hardy was to be the new Bond.

The site reports that Hardy had an audition back in June, and that the plan was to reveal him in the role at the end of the year. That reveal, it says, may have been pushed back to next year.

Hardy as 007 has long been rumoured, but as always, nothing official has come out of Eon Productions on the casting, and nor will it until it’s ready to play its hand.

This is all rumour at this stage, then, but expect speculation to build, and for the press junket for No Time To Die to be not short of questions regarding just who Mr Craig’s replacement will be. More as we hear it…


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