Trailer drops for You Cannot Kill David Arquette

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Despite the title, the trailer for You Cannot Kill David Arquette doesn’t stop people from trying, it seems.

Well, this looks like a unique project.

Just like the movies, sport loves a good comeback story. For pro wrestling, a weird amalgamation of both sports and entertainment, we suppose that’s probably doubly true. And so, the upcoming documentary, You Cannot Kill David Arquette, presents what could be the most bizarrely satisfying comeback narrative of them all… with the emphasis on the bizarre part.

Arquette, who briefly became a world championship-winning pro wrestler at the turn of the century, is returning to the sport and this upcoming documentary is set to chart the suffering and glory that accompanies a 48-year old man getting tossed through tables and hit with chairs, all because he believes he has a point to prove.

Pro wrestling, despite not being a sport as such, is notorious for making sure its performers earn their stripes, through hardship and suffering. Arquette’s sudden status as champion back in 2000 was derided by fans and was widely believed to have seriously damaged wrestling’s image. Now, Arquette is setting out to restore wrestling’s reputation (we think?) by legitimately training and competing. Frankly, it all looks very bonkers in an enjoyable way.

Here’s the trailer…

More on the movie as we hear it.


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