Trailer for new British horror comedy Are We Dead Yet

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Catch a first look at Are We Dead Yet, ahead of its UK premiere in August.

A new British comedy horror is making its debut at the end of next month, and the first trailer for it has just landed too.

Are We Dead Yet has been written and directed by Fred ‘Kruga’ Nwaka, and it follows the story of a robbery that goes wrong. The five criminals involved hide out from the police in an old castle. And that’s where the horror movie elements really start to creep in.

The cast for this one is led by Jessica-Jane Stafford, Tim Faraday and Faisal Mohammed, and the movie gets its premiere at Arrow Video Frightfest in London on Saturday 24th August. In advance of that, here’s that trailer for the film…

When we get news of a wider UK release, we’ll let you know.


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