Unusual L S Lowry biopic has Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall on board

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Mrs Lowry & Son is heading to cinemas later this year.


Timothy Spall has already brought one famous artist to the big screen in Mike Leigh’s Mr Turner, where he played, well, J M W Turner. For his next project, he’s taking on L S Lowry, in the upcoming feature Mrs Lowry & Son.

He’s starring opposite Vanessa Redgrave, in a film that’ll examine the relationship – and it’s not a happy one – between Lowry and his controlling mother. Adrian Noble has directed the movie, that’s being described as ‘intimate and humorous’.


The film was shot last year, and has come in at 91 minutes long. Martyn Hesford penned the screenplay.

Distribution rights to the film have been sold at the Berlin Film Festival over the past few days, although we don’t as of yet have a release date for the movie in the UK. Just that it’ll be with us in the autumn.


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