Will Ferrell | New documentary with his trans friend debuting in 2024

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Will & Harper sees Will Ferrell take a road trip with his friend of 30 years, who’s coming out as a trans woman.

Among the films making their debut at the Sundance Film Festival early next year is a fresh project starring Will Ferrell. Nothing unusual there, perhaps. Only this time, Ferrell is co-starring in a new documentary film, that takes him and his long-time friend on something of a road trip.

Going by the name Will & Harper, the starting point for the feature is Will Ferrell discovering that his friend of three decades is coming out as a trans woman.

They take the next logical step: a road trip across America, which has been captured on film. Josh Greenbaum has produced and directed the documentary, which is described in the official Sundance listing as follows…

When Will Ferrell finds out his close friend of 30 years is coming out as a trans woman, the two decide to embark on a cross-country road trip to process this new stage of their relationship in an intimate portrait of friendship, transition, and America.

Given how weaponised trans people have become in modern politics in particular, this feels like just the kind of project to actually put a human side of things into the world. And with Ferrell lending his name and presence to the film, it gives the documentary a profile that it may otherwise struggle to get.

Will & Harper is getting its premiere at Sundance, where – again – it’s unlikely to struggle to find broader distribution off the back of Ferrell’s name.

It may be a while before the film is available to see outside of Sundance, but as and when we hear more about the movie, we’ll pass the information on. In the meantime, you can find the list of Sundance 2024 entries on its website.

UPDATE: We do indeed now know more about the movie. Following its debut at Sundance (this story was originally posted in December 2023, the month before), it’s now been revealed that Netflix has picked up rights to the film in an eight figure deal. We’d expect it to be released later this year.

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