Wish | Disney’s latest film isn’t getting an Ultra HD Blu-ray release in the UK

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Following Strange World, Disney’s new animated feature – Wish – will not be getting a 4K disc release in the UK: just DVD and Blu-ray.

Released in a blaze of publicity at the end of last year was Disney’s latest animated feature, Wish. This one carried the added responsibility of celebrating 100 years of Disney, and while the film’s solid enough, I’d argue it was weighed down by the extra centenary baggage.

Still, it’s entertaining, and looks and sounds superb, which makes it prime fodder for a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray physical media release. However, its muted box office performance means that Disney has opted to limit its physical release to DVD and Blu-ray instead.

This was the same fate that befell Disney’s preceding animated feature, the terrific-looking Strange World. That didn’t ignite the box office, either, and had its home media release slightly restricted.

In the case of Disney’s Wish, what we’re getting is a DVD, a Blu-ray, and a Blu-ray Steelbook option. Furthermore, to Disney’s credit, an extensive selection of extra features as well.

This is what’s currently listed…

– Sing Along With The Movie
– Featurette: Once Upon A Studio (Beloved characters from Disney Animation’s 100 Years come together for an unforgettable reunion)
– 100 years in the making (The Inside story of making Wish)
– Featurette: Wish De-classified
– Featurette: Outtakes
– Featurette: Deleted scenes
– Song Selection

That strikes me as a fine line-up, and those supplements will be appearing on the Blu-ray edition. The DVD doesn’t have any listed at all. We did do a long interview here if you’re looking to fill the gap though.

Disney’s Wish heads to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on March 25th 2024. We’re not sure whether a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray version is going to be available anywhere else in the world as an import option, but that should become clearer in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, you can find more on the UK release of Wish, and order a copy, right here.

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